Open Source Web Hosting Management System

UIISC is an open source and a low cose MyOwnFreeHost web hosting management system designed to work on low end systems to make a new era a of web hosting industry.

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System Features

Learn why so many host's choose UIISC on websites.

Fast Loading

Uses less resources to speed up clientarea performance.

Safe and Secured

Offer a secure and clean envirnment to keep customer safe.


Uses optimized resources to keep the host upto date.

UI Design

Offer a clean and simple desgined theme inorder to keep it ease.

Complete Control

Offer administrators to control there clientarea using admin dashboard.

Customer Support

Offer built-in customer support inorder to to keep user in touch.

System Specification

Everything you could possibly need for your clientarea.

  • Signup / Login
  • Validation / Verification
  • Day / Night Modes
  • Knowledgebase
  • MyOwnFreeHost Integration
  • GoGetSSL Integration
  • Site.Pro Integration
  • Support System
  • Template Engine
  • Email template
  • Email Alerts
  • Extra Tools


Common questions before registration.

Yes, UIISC is secured from SQL attacks, CSFR attacks and JavaScript snippets.

Yes, of course. UIISC is an open source software. You can edit it's source code.

Currently there is not theme available.

You can use UIISC with at least php 5.6 and mysql 5.2 with curl extension enabled.

Yes, you can create your own version by forking it on github.

Yes, ads are supported.